2015’s Greatest Makeup Moments

We’re baaa-aaaaaack! Afer a much needed break to work out the perfect amount of Mascara Wars/life balance I’ve returned to the laptop as promised, I’ll be updating as usual this year but perhaps not beating myself up so much when work gets in the way of regular posts. Thanks for sticking with us you lovely lot, hope you all had a gorgeous New Year! And while I might be a little tardy with the New Year wishes, I couldn’t let 2015 just slip by without casting an eye back over all of the killer looks she gave us. Of which there were many many many…


Just Adele. I mean what do I really need to say, the woman is a flawless QUEEN. But 2015 being the year she swept back into all of our lives meant she also graced the covers of the world’s biggest magazines left right and centre, with a variety of  looks by our favourite artists. From Mark Carrasquillo’s banging cat eye for iD to Liz Pugh’s barefaced beauty on the cover of Rolling Stone, not to mention her classic look by long time makeup artist Michael Ashton for Time magazine and her Alasdair McLellan shot album artwork, Adele was slaying all others DEAD. As usual.

Givenchy and Pat McGrath

I mean how do you pick a Fashion Week favourite?! From the hundreds of shows and incredible looks, courtesy of the world’s greatest makeup artists it’s almost impossible. Almost. But this year Queen McGrath made that choice for us pretty much. Makeup looks at Givenchy’s shows are always a favourite, but in 2015 everything went up 10 notches with McGrath giving us looks the likes of which the runways had never seen before. From the now already much replicated “Victorian Chola” looks of AW15, with faces adorned with piercings in jet and pearl, to the intricate gemstone, pearl and lace designs for SS15, McGrath just raised the bar yet again!

Mad Max : Fury Road

I’m no film and TV makeup artist, but I can appreciate a cool as f*ck and incredibly applied bit of movie makeup when I see it. The aesthetic of the entire world of Fury Road was just heaven to me, from the chrome mouths and scarification of the War Boys to the ethereal beauty of the Five Wives (Zoe Kravitz, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Abbey Lee Kershaw for GOD’S sake, be still my heart). Add to that the effortlessly smeared engine oil warpaint of Furiosa, and makeup designer Lesley Vanderwalt gave us look after iconic look that kept me totally transfixed.

Margot Robbie : The Oscars

I love checking out the shots from a red carpet the morning after the night before, studying all those gorgeous beauty looks. At this years Oscars there was one look in particular that stopped me, and I’m in good company here because it was a favourite on “best of” lists across the land, in my tracks. And that was Margot Robbie, Miss Harley Quinn herself, in this FLAWLESS look by Tyron Machhausen. We’re all guilty of throwing that word about, I know I am when it comes to makeups I love, I’ve probably even done it here already, but please tell me, can you see any parts of this makeup that are not actually FLAW-LESS? I mean look at the lip line on that (Hourglass Opaque Rogue Liquid Lipstick in Raven – £23) Goddess-like pout for crying out loud. That velvet skin, those brushed up brows! And this is in-your-face, cameras flashing, high-resolution, no-retouching-allowed flawless. I hope these two work together again this year I can’t wait to see more of this! I’d go so far as to say this was the best red carpet makeup of the entire year. Spec-tac-u-lah.


As with Adele, just Adele, there’s Rihanna, just Rihanna. As in a woman who had so many makeup highlights this year it would be obscene just to pick one. But let me just remind you of these little moments, deep breath; her glossy “no makeup makeup” in the video for “4 5 Seconds”, her Eastern inspired Met Gala look with those fabulous poker-straight brows, her 90s-esque iD shoot with Paolo Roversi, her Pop Art Rihannarama story with Steven Klein for V Magazine, her stunning shoot with Chen Man for Harper’s Bazaar China, her flippin’ Dior campaign?! Not to mention being naked and covered in blood, smoking a blunt for the epic “Bitch Better Have My Money” video. 2015 was definitely RiRi’s year… But then when isn’t it your year when you’re Rihanna quite frankly.

Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

heidi1 (Copy)The Queen of Halloween did not let us down this year, with an as ever spectacular look for her annual bash, nine hours in prosthetics worth of spectacular at that. Having arrived in previous years as an OAP version of herself and a giant hairy gorilla, Heidi certainly isn’t one to go down the keep-it-sexy costume route, and isn’t afraid to look creepy as hell. So when taking on the ultimate cartoon sex goddess Jessica Rabbit, a sparkly dress and red wig just wouldn’t cut it, she added a full prosthetic face, ass and tits to turn herself into some kind of living sex doll, and the results were incredible, if not somewhat terrifying. All hail the Queen of Halloween!