Are Expensive Cosmetics Worth the Money?

So, are expensive cosmetics worth the money? My quick and most direct response is "NO. Expensive cosmetics are not worth the money!" Now allow me, if you will, to expound and explain myself in more detail and I should like to do it in chronological order.

For the most part, you first hear of an expensive cosmetic product from advertisements. You see it displayed in bigger-than-life proportions on roadside billboards; you glimpse it in glittering neon lighting suspended from high-rising buildings; you spot it on posters affixed to public walls as well as to commuter buses and trains as it is being featured next to a flawless young fashion model; you hear it praised on the radio and you see it endorsed by movie icons who promise miraculous results on your television set. Over a period of time, the sum total of these ads subliminally plant biased seeds of awareness.

Your next encounter with the expensive cosmetic product is most likely to occur when you are out shopping for cosmetics and spy it on a prominent display shelf or, like a royal crown jewel, behind a sparkling glass casing. Whether you are aware of it or not, you experience an "aha" moment as the seeds of awareness planted by the advertising sprout a few proverbial leaves of further awareness. You are compelled to approach it for a closer face to face meeting and you are amazed and totally electrified by its impressive fancy wrapping and stirred by its strikingly elegant casing. This is true "love at first sight" and you must have it. Yes, its price tag may raise a cringe or two but you quickly justify it by recounting all its marvelous qualities as you had learned them so well from its advertisers.

With excitement and pride you take ownership of your newly found treasure and you gently escort it home for a first glorious application. "My old cosmetics now seem so very drab next to this beauty," you mutter to yourself as you gingerly open it and take a quick whiff of its rich scent, "Mmmmm!" On an impulse you even glance at the listed ingredients on its gilded label pasted on its backside and beneath its suggestive name. There seems to be nothing special about the ingredients. It contains no strikingly exotic included. As a matter of fact, the ingredients seem to be no different than those listed on your old cosmetic products. But no, it can't be. Ah, but it is!

Are Expensive Cosmetics Worth the Money

You have just paid for the advertisements that introduced you to this expensive product to begin with, you have just paid for its eye-catching and passion- inducing outward appearance and you have just paid for the privilege of having it displayed apart from all the other cosmetics on an extra special shelving unit. The cosmetic product within is quite similar if not entirely identical to the cheap products you had been using thus far.

So, having heard all that you have, I trust that you will arrive at the same conclusion about expensive cosmetic products. And the conclusion is that, unless you have money to burn and unless you are looking for decorative items to beautify shelves in your home, expensive cosmetic products are not worth the money. What makes them expensive is not their extraordinary ingredients but the fact that their manufacturers and marketers spend lavishly on their advertising and on packaging and are, therefore, forced to pass those expanses on to naïve customers who have been persuaded to part with their hard earned money.


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