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It is with a very heavy heart that I have to say that from today, Mascara Wars – in its current form at least – will be no more (cue hysterical sobbing). Those of you who’ve been lovely and kind enough to follow this blog/website/whatever-you-want-to-call-it since its inception may have noticed that over the past few months I’ve gone, come back, slowed down the posts, gone again, come back again, each time promising to be back with a vengeance, but each time life has simply got in the way.

When I started Mascara Wars, in all honesty, as a freelance makeup artist work was unusually quiet. Those of us in the freelance game know that’s par for the course, sometimes for no reason it’s just tumbleweeds out there. So I wanted something to throw myself into, I finally had time to create the site I’d been dreaming of for a couple of years and I got to work. I spent the best part of five months designing, researching, writing, coding (yes coding, I built the site pretty much from scratch – control freak). I initially wrote pieces twice a week, as well as keeping on top of three types of social media, and this was whilst keeping up my actual job, as a makeup artist. Then lo and behold as always happens, work picked back up and I was busier than ever.

The sort of content I write here I want to be timeless in a sense, in the way that it’ll hopefully be as helpful to a new artist reading it today as it will to one finding and reading it in five years’ time. But writing and researching that kind of content takes TIME. A lot of the articles, interviews etc. on here have taken two, even three days to put together. Add that on top of working four or five days a week and you can see it doesn’t leave space for much of a life. Unlike other sites similar to Mascara Wars I have no team of assistants or writers to help, and make not a penny from running the site, and as I’ve started to have less and less time, something that was once a total love affair has started to become simply an impossibility. I feel like I’m letting you lot down whenever another week goes by without posting, and I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

So as of today Mascara Wars isn’t exactly going anywhere, it’ll stay here just as it is, and when I have time, when I have quieter weeks, or if I just cannot keep my thoughts to myself I’ll absolutely drop by and leave pieces of content as and when I can. We’ll still be running our courses, and at some point in the near-ish future I hope to develop them into an affordable online course for any of you who want to brush up on the business side of freelance makeup artistry. We (do you like how I say “we” when it’s just me? We has always been me and Mascara Wars, don’t ask) will also still be very much active on social media, Instagram in particular. Our Instagram has taken on a life of its own over the last year, with more makeup porn than you can shake a stick it, we report on looks from fashion week, editorials, red carpets and more, with info on the artists creating those looks and not only is it super fun and inspiring but it also doesn’t take me three days to write an Instagram post! So do come over and join us there!

So thank you all for your support and lovely comments and good vibes over the past year, this is by no means the end of Mascara Wars, I always thought it had to be all or nothing, but I’m coming to realise that may not have to be the case. That clever fella Confucius said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” We’re just simplifying.

Much love to you all and see you all soon, I’m sure,



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