4 Top Mascara Tricks For Instantly Longer Dramatic Lashes

Clumping has become one of the most common mascara application problems which women and men face all the around the world. With a few exceptions, most mascara's will always lead your lashes to clump, meaning that you have to once again remove and reapply your mascara taking longer than desired to apply your makeup. Well here's a trick that will cut down your application time dramatically and make sure you will not have to deal with any more clumps, ever. Dip your mascara wand into the solution and pull back out. Then take a tissue and wipe the excess mascara solution of and then begin to apply to your lashes. Another quick tip would be to use a lash comb which is designed exclusively to separate your lashes and rid any clumps or even buy brand new mascara wands as a mascara trick to separate your lashes after a fresh application. When using these mascara wands make sure that your lashes are still wet from your mascara application.

4 Top Mascara Tricks For Instantly Longer Dramatic Lashes

Tip 2: Make Your Lashes Pop

Many of us continue to buy mascaras which promise to make our lashes big and bold but fail to deliver on any of their promises. If you want your lashes to pop in an instant without constantly applying coat after coat with little effect, check out this tip. Take a lengthening mascara, apply a thin coat to your lashes and wait for them to dry. Then take a thickening mascara and apply on top of the coat of lengthening mascara and watch your eyelashes pop into action. This is a quick trick which is used by some of the best makeup artists in the world to achieve a quick stunning eyelash look.

Tip 3: A Base For Brilliance

Another quick trick to help you achieve lengthened dramatic eyelashes in little time is to use a lash mascara primer. Mascara primer's are used by many industry experts to achieve dramatized eyelashes with little fuss. All you have to do is take your mascara primer and apply a thin coat to your lashes and wait for them to dry. By applying the primer you instantly coat and separate your lashes, putting them in the best condition possible for your mascara application, reducing the chance of any clumps or other mascara application problems.

Tip 4: Don't Blink Too Soon

A common problem when applying mascara which increases application time is getting dots of mascara solution above and below your eyes mostly due to misjudging how quick your eyelashes dry. To avoid this common problem check out this quick trick. Wait 5 seconds before blinking after you have applied your mascara and then double check to see if your mascara has fully dried before leaving. Even if you still get dots around your eyes wait for the dots to dry and then take a Q Tip remove the dots from your face. This avoids you having to reapply your makeup as trying to remove wet dots on your face will only lead to smudging.

Here we have provided you with 4 Top Mascara Tricks For Instantly Longer Dramatic Lashes, helping you to save time applying your makeup whilst still achieving a fabulous appearance.


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