7 Tips for Buying Mascara Online

It's possible to buy a car online so why not buy mascara online. Well not only is it possible it maybe the preferred way to get your mascara. Stores have limited shelf space so if you are looking for specialty items like organic cosmetics and organic mascara in particular, buying mascara online may be the most efficient way to go.

I found out the hard way that I was allergic to some or many of the chemicals in regular mascara. After doing a lot of searching, I found some natural organic mascara that worked great for me. I have subsequently tried a couple different brands of organic mascara and all have worked just fine.

I found that looking for mascara online had advantages in addition to cheaper prices. I was able to check the ingredients of the mascara and immediately check sites to see if a particular ingredient is on the mascara blacklist. A lot of the ingredients in organic mascara are from plants. It was very helpful researching the plants and seeing what possible reactions may exist. It was also interesting to see where some of the plants grow.


1.) Go to a store first to decide on the color that works best for you. Usually you will want to match your hair-color but that may not necessarily be what you like best. Computer screens have come a long way but its still difficult to determine the exact color online.

2.) Another reason to check out mascara in a store first is to investigate what mascara brush works the best. They are different and each one is really a personal choice.

3.) Buy it often. Sounds like advice from somebody wanting to sell you more product. Mascara only has a good shelf life of about 3 months. After that you are tempting fate with the possible introduction of bacteria into the mix.

4.) Have you ever bought something and the product was defective but had already thrown away the receipt. When you buy mascara online, you have a paper trail.

5.) Decide whether you need the waterproof mascara, the water-soluble mascara or both ahead of time.

6.) Do a quick search for coupons or promo codes for the web site that you are buying the mascara online for (even as you are buying it)

7.) Buy in bulk. Yes that seems to contradict the shelf life edict from number 3. The more you buy the less per item the shipping cost. So find some friends that would like to buy with you at the same time. Have a mascara buying party!

I have been buying mascara online for quite some time now and it really is fun, cheap, and easy.


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