A Day Spa Facial – What to Expect

Visiting a Day Spa is a fun, joyous occasion whether you are by yourself or with friends. You don't want to be nervous or appear like you don't know what you are doing. Your first day spa facial is going to not only relax you, but also cleanse and refresh your skin. It will give you that dewy, soft facial glow we all love. Here are some tips for you to know during your first day spa facial.

Facials at a day spa are done by an esthetician or a cosmetologist. Either license holder may work on your skin and they fully understand the dermis and its functions. Only a licensed person should break the skin for instance in order to do extractions. Some day spas allow massage therapists to do "Facials" but those type of facials are superficial and are just product on and then product off type of facials. While massage facials are relaxing, it may not be the type of facial you are expecting. Be sure to understand the type of facial you picked for your session.

Some spas will provide a facial gown for you to wear. Simply remove your bra and fasten the gown to close around your body in such a way that your shoulders remain bare and your arms are free. Having a wonderful shoulder, arm and hand massage is one of the best things about having a day spa facial. There are lots of wonderful "face-up" massage techniques to experience. Lie on the facial bed under the sheet or cover and be face up with your arms either outside or inside the cover.

Cleansing during your first Day Spa Facial

To begin, the general procedure is that your face is cleansed twice. The first time is just to remove make-up and surface debris. The second cleansing really gets your skin super clean. An exfoliant is next and this procedure sloughs off dead skin cells and helps to loosen the skin so that if any extractions are to take place, the pores are slightly open at this point and ready to have impurities removed. Sometimes the esthetician uses a manual exfoliant which is gritty, yet feels good. If the esthetician feels your skin needs a little bit more attention, they will use a type of exfoliant that has an enzymatic ingredient. This is a natural enzyme that will react with your skin to remove the dead layer and leave your skin ready for extractions.

Prepare for Extractions

Most people have black heads around their nose and chin area so the esthetician will go to these areas first to take out the debris in your pores. This is where your pores are smaller, tighter. There is a small window of opportunity for extractions while the pores are slightly open and warm and ready to relieve themselves of the contents of your black heads or pimples. Using an extractor the esthetician will gently press down and let the problem areas come clean. You will be surprised what they pull out of your skin! They can see quite a bit under that magnifying light and a great esthetician will gently go to work in making sure your skin is clear of impurities. Using good products and the proper procedure this should be an easy process. Occasionally there is some sensitivity around the nose area - but it is worth the tiny bit of discomfort.

A Day Spa Facial - What to Expect

After the cleansing, exfoliation and extraction procedures your esthetician will use a ph balanced toner on your skin (this is either sprayed on or applied using a cotton ball) as this helps to close up the pores that recently shed their impurities and to remove any excess product. Your skin is now ready for either a facial massage session or you might continue on with specific masks.

Facial Massage - A Wonderful treat for your First Day Spa Facial

If your skin is in good condition and you have scheduled a more relaxing type of facial, your esthetician will begin a nice, slow, thorough facial massage that includes not only your facial area but your entire neck, shoulders and arms. This massage procedure helps to relax the facial muscles and provides hydration deep down into the skin. A special thick moisturizer is used so that there is enough "slip" on your skin, or sometimes they use a natural, light oil. They will use what is appropriate with your skin.

The application of a mask coincides with what you are trying to achieve with your skin. Are you an anti-aging customer interested in smoothing wrinkles, etc. or are you trying to calm your skin from an acne situation? Here is where the ability of your esthetician will factor into your session. Most estheticians will have had a discussion with you after reading your intake form, and depending on how your skin reacts during the facial, they will pick an appropriate mask for your skin.

Now you know what to expect for your first day spa facial! Many people only book massages and when they finally decide to try a facial they are totally amazed at how bright and wonderful their skin looks and feels. Many people wished they had added it to their regular day spa visits earlier. Enjoy your first day spa facial!


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