Absolute Best Way to Apply Mascara

How to Best Apply Mascara

Technique is so important when applying mascara. The way you get your eyelashes to look beautiful is all in the way you apply it! You don't even need a special product, any drugstore mascara will work just fine. These techniques are really easy and impressive! You will get complements on your eyelashes for sure, and it doesn't even require that much effort or time at all. Read on to find out how to do this!

If you curl your eyelashes, make sure to do it before you put on mascara, so the curler doesn't get stuck.

Absolute Best Way to Apply Mascara

Step 1:

Most people start applying mascara from their roots up. But this is not the way to start! The best way to make your eyelashes look longer is by starting at the top! Get your mascara brush and only do the tops of your eyelashes. Don't even worry about the roots yet. Go over them a lot of times and then go on to the other eye while you wait for them to dry. This will get the very tops of your eyelashes looking a lot longer than normal, which is what we're going for!

Step 2:

Now you should do your roots. If you want them to seem fuller, go over them many times. If not, only go over them a couple of times. If you want them really full, apply the mascara to the roots, wait for that side to dry, and then put on another coat. You can still go up all the way to the tops of your lashes when you do this, but this might make it a bit clumpy so you just have to be careful.

Step 3:

This step is optional, but can look very good if you do it right. Once you've done step 1 and step 2, go on to put mascara on the backs of your lashes. Many makeup artists use this trick. The majority of people only put mascara only on the front but they don't realize that by putting it on the back the eyelashes will look better! It will make them look thicker and fuller. This is a great thing to do if you want your eyelashes to be really noticeable.

Step 4:

If you want the cute little flick at the end of your eye, get the end of your mascara brush and go over the end of your eye a few times starting from the roots up. You don't want to put a lot of mascara on the ends of your eyelashes but putting a little bit more can look cuter. It emphasizes the ends of your eyelashes, which is hard to achieve with just mascara. This step is also optional. Do whatever you feel your lashes will look best with!

Step 5:

I also highly recommend that you apply mascara on the bottom eyelashes. It will frame your eyes, making them look a lot cuter. You don't want to put a lot on the bottom though, so just kind of rub your brush around until you get the amount you want.

This is hands down the best way to apply mascara! Practice it and try it out!


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