Cosmetics – Are Skin Care Products All That Different?

Most skin products claim to be special and truly unique. However, is this not the same with most commercial merchandise? If we go to our local supermarket and look at various name brands of a particular item, for example tomato soup, will this commodity be all that different from the competitors brand? Of course not! If merchandise is quite similar it needs to compete. This competition will be fierce to get consumer attention. The same is true in the cosmetics market. Impossible promises are often made, such as "less noticeable wrinkles in 10 days!" However, have you ever heard a tomato soup company promise, you will be less hungry in ten days?

Are cosmetics all about the same?

Did you know that most major cosmetics companies are all owned by a few corporations? Should we be devoutly loyal to one company if they are not loyal to their own product line? Because each conglomerate owns so many companies, chances are the products made by the individual companies under the conglomerate will be similar in nature. Why? Basically, one manufacturing company will make merchandise for all of a their subsidiaries using the same raw ingredients. Do not take my word for it, though. Look for yourself. Look at the ingredients list of two major brands and see if their ingredients differ by much? By making the products basically the same, manufacturers can keep their prices low and concentrate their efforts on advertising.

Costs reveal product value

Have you ever wondered where the major part of a manufacturing costs are involved. We will do a simple break down.

- ingredients of a product will roughly amount to about 2% of total costs

- packaging will amount to about 10% of total costs

- and other expenses about 90% of total costs

What conclusions can we make about cosmetics? That most of their efforts are not concentrated on adding high quality effective ingredients. But rather on making an effective presentation. That is true. They know that you are more apt to buy their merchandise when they present it with a beautiful model who has a porcelain complexion. Her porcelain skin though is most probably not due to the cosmetic itself, but rather a masterful photographer and long hours using Photoshop.

Cosmetics - Are Skin Care Products All That Different

What to look for when purchasing skin products?

First of all beware of any skin product that does not reveal all ingredients. Some companies claim that by revealing ingredients, they are divulging proprietary secrets to other companies. But think about this, most of the companies that appear as competitors are actually owned by the same mother company. So how can any secrets be compromised? Furthermore a chemist from an actual competitor company can chemically decipher the ingredients of any cosmetic. Therefore there are no secrets among cosmetic companies. So who are they keeping these secrets from? You, the consumer. If you saw that the ingredients list of a $300. cream of the same company differed very little from their $50.- cream, would you buy it? Of course not. In fact aside from the beautiful packaging formulators put the bulk of their effort in the smell and essences, rather than the ingredients themselves. Why? Women are more apt to buy cosmetics because of the beautiful smell rather than because of ingredients.


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