GlossyBox September – Contents Reveal!

I made my feelings about GlossyBox pretty clear a couple of months ago: eager new company with plenty of kinks. After a somewhat disappointing second box – accompanied by the news of a £2.95 price increase – it seems a large percentage of customers are basing the future of their subscriptions on the quality of this: September’s slightly more expensive offering. I was lucky enough to receive a preview box last week: so how does it fair? If you don’t want to know the contents then look away now!

GlossyBox September
HD Brows: Vamp Palette
Having only launched onto the market last month, this palette has already become a much loved part of my make up collection. Containing a selection of 4 matte powders suitable for use as either eyeliner, eye shadow or long lasting brow colour, this kit provides you with clean, sharp definition that literally stays put all day. Although I was sent the palette for dark hair I’ve managed to make the colours work for me and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! To me, out of all the items contained, this certainly fits the brief of “future classics” the best. This is a full sized product and retails at £19.95. Call HD Brows to order.

Vamp Palette
Moa: The Green Balm
This tiny, tiny pot of organic natural goodness is one of my favourite things included this month. Suitable for use on all areas of the body, this smooth hydrating balm packs a bright minty zing twinned with a thoroughly soothing texture. If you aren’t signed up to GlossyBox and like chemical free skincare then definitely check this out online. A 15ml container retails for £4.99.
Plum By Mary Greenwell: Eau de Parfum
This 1.5ml sample will probably be a love or hate affair depending on your taste for rich scents. Created by top make up artist Mary Greenwell, this perfume packs quite the punch thanks to its vivid blend of lemon, peach and tuberose to name but a few. To me the scent is wonderfully strong and sophisticated. Although it isn’t the usual type of fragrance I go for, it eventually mutes down to a lovely lingering tone on the skin. A 100ml bottle retails for £90.

The Green Balm
Neal and Wolf: Harmony Intensive Hair Treatment
The second full sized product of the box, Neal and Wolf’s Harmony is designed to repair damaged hair using a series of intense conditioners. So far I’ve been suitably impressed but am interested to see if the results improve with prolonged use. A 200ml bottle retails for £12.95
Dead Sea Spa Magik: Salt Brushing
As well as receiving 2 x 50ml sachets of this award winning exfoliator, GlossyBox also provided me a 25% discount code for my next purchase from . This is currently the only item out of the 5 I am yet to try out, but the promise of smooth, hydrated and rejuvenated skin sounds rather lovely. Currently on Amazon 500g of this product retails for £10.20.Overall I’ve been impressed with GlossyBox’s September offering. Whilst items such as body salts are never going to truly capture my imagination, the inclusion of brand new offerings from the likes of and Moa have opened up my eyes to a couple of brilliant companies. Whilst I’d still like to see a few more boxes before I fully give GlossyBox a big recommended thumbs up, the quality of this ensemble has so far righted a few wrongs. As for the price hike? If things stay at this level then fair enough. I know I’d rather have a 200ml hair mask than a mini batiste. As long as consistency can remain – between both the monthly content and what each customer receives – GlossyBox has the potential to become treasured by all types of beauty fans. Perhaps even a cynical one like me.
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