How to Apply Mascara Without a Gluggy Mess

We all know that bigger eyelashes make our eyes look bigger. The eyes are the 'window to the soul', so big eyes that attract attention are always beautiful. Mascara is the trick most women use to make their eyelashes appear longer and bigger, accentuating their eyes. However, it can be quite tricky to apply mascara and ending up with a thick gluggy mess or black smudges under your eyes is just not a good look. Here are some tips on how to apply mascara to get the best effect.

Step 1 - Decide how you want your eyes to look For formal occasions, such as attending a wedding, you may want longer and thicker lashes or a darker mascara than for everyday wear. Different mascaras offer lengthening, thickening, conditioning, or long-wearing or waterproof formulas, so choose a mascara that is right for the occasion. Use a lighter mascara for day wear than evening wear. Look at your natural eyelashes and assess your eyelashes for length, colour, and fullness. Choose a mascara that aids the areas your natural eyelashes lack. While everyone can wear black mascara, blondes often find that a brown mascara is better for day wear, as it provides a more natural look.

Step 2 - Use Your Eyelash Curler If you want eyes that appear wide and bright, use your eyelash curler. A good trick is to shoot warm air from your blowdryer onto the mascara curler for three to five seconds to warm it before curling your lashes. Touch the curler to ensure you won't burn your eyelashes. If you forget to do this step before applying your mascara, ensure your mascara is completely dry before you curl your lashes.

How to Apply Mascara Without a Gluggy Mess

Step 3 - Spread the Mascara Evenly Clumps of mascara look simply dreadful on any woman. You need to apply your mascara evenly to avoid clumping the make-up on your eyelashes. Avoid clumps by moving the brush side to side as you move down the lash. A zig-zag pattern of application helps to prevent unsightly clumps of mascara. Once the mascara on the top eyelashes is dry, apply mascara to the bottom eyelashes using the same zig-zag or sideways movement as you move the brush down the bottom lashes.

Step 4 - Check Your Eyes Match Once you have applied the mascara to both eyes, check that they match. You do not want one eye to look bigger than the other or with darker lashes. Aim for symmetry in the application of your mascara and eye make-up. This final check also helps you to check for clumps or other signs the mascara is not sitting properly on your eyelashes. Avoid blinking for a few minutes until your mascara is dry, otherwise you could coat your eyelids with mascara.

Many women feel that applying mascara is too difficult, but it is worth the effort when you see bigger and wider eyes that accentuate your beauty. Use lighter tones for day wear. Practice spreading the mascara on your eyelashes until you can get a nice, even layer of mascara without clumps.


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