John Frieda Ionic Air Styler

If you’re anything like me then autumn isn’t exactly the happiest time for your hair. Whether it be frizzy due to rain, weak due to cold or messy due to wind, it can be hard to protect that just-washed freshness during a blustery commute to work. Luckily  hair care extraordinaire John Frieda launched his very first range of electrical styling products earlier this month – and I tell you now, this snazzy gadget will have your locks as smooth as silk within seconds.

John Frieda Ionic Air Styler

Using advanced ionic technology, this nifty device essentially works as a 2-in-1 barrel brush and hair dryer – blasting your barnet with a choice of 2 heat settings, making it both effortlessly quick and easy to instantly add enviable shine and volume to your style. I’ve been using mine for a couple of weeks now and whilst I initially struggled for the first few days, I’m now literally obsessed with the sleekness this product enables me to obtain. I’ll be the first to admit I’m absolutely terrible at styling my hair, but with this versatile tool I’m able to give myself frizz free, wonderfully soft and bouncy waves with just a twist of the brush. Any doubts I had were immediately diminished after I stumbled home after a 13 hour work shift only to hear my boyfriend admiring the sleekness of my hair. Erm, HELLO NEW BEST FRIEND!

If you’re someone who hasn’t quite been able to master the two handed brush and dryer styling method than this product can help you produce a noticeably more clean finish.

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