Lipcote: 50 Years Of Perfect Pouts!

My make up bag has certainly changed a lot over the past 12 years; transforming from a mish mash ofMiners hair mascara and tacky silver nail paints, into a well thought out collection of easy to wear shadows and long lasting liners. One item that’s remained a constant resident throughout is the ever reliable Lipcote,a product that’s seen me through school proms, first dates and many office parties to name but a few. This year sees the product celebrate its 50th birthday – a hugely impressive feat in the ever changing beauty business that’s been successfully achieved thanks to its hard working formula.

Lipcote: 50 Years Of Perfect Pouts!

With celebrity fans including the likes of Rihanna and Jemma Kidd, Lipcote is still the ultimate fool proof way of insuring your carefully applied lipstick stays bright, vivid and feather free. One reason I love it is because it never alters the colour, regardless of how much you put on. Whilst the final effect is always a gentle matte finish, I’m a big fan of dotting a little bit of gloss on top to add an extra dimension of shine.

Lipcote: 50 Years Of Perfect Pouts!

Priced at a nifty £3.49 a bottle in Boots, Lipcote is still a wonderfully affordable way of guaranteeing your look will remain polished throughout the day. If like me you have heavily pigmented lips it can also help stop your natural colour pushing through and altering the look you’re aiming for. Whilst it isn’t the most flashy or exciting product on the market, it makes rocking this seasons deep berry lips an absolute breeze thanks to its no fade formula. Cheap, comfortable and creative, there’s one simple reason Lipcote has been around for half a century: it’s bloody great.

Lipcote is available from all good chemists and

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