Lipstick Queen: Jean Queen

The temperature may be rapidly soaring, yet the sudden existence of a pesky cold has revealed my body is still very much aware that it’s autumn. Whilst I’d love to skip outside in nothing but a sun dress and a smile, I’ve been playing the heatwave relatively low key, opting for minimal make up that won’t instantly melt when faced with the sexy combination of 31 degree heat and a rampant burning fever. So what do you reach for to instantly perk up a sweaty, dull complexion? A little bit of Lipstick Queen, that’s what.

Lipstick Queen: Jean Queen

Jean Queen hit British stores last summer and has become a firm favourite ever since; in fact, I’m already on my second tube. Designed as the ideal colour to wear with denim (huh?), anyone with cool undertones or pretty blue eyes will certainly benefit most from this deliciously sheer raspberry pink. If you’re looking for a casual lip colour to rock during the day than this up lifting dose of colour is nothing short of perfect.

Lipstick Queen: Jean Queen

Containing vitamin E to help nourish and protect the lips, Jean Queen is a comfortable and moisturising affair that’ll elegantly keep your pout perfectly plumped throughout cooler months. Whilst the formulas sheerness may call for a top up every few hours in search of ultimate impact, as far as a day to day lippy goes this really is fool proof colour at its best. Complimentary on all skin tones and ages, Poppy King proves once again just why she’s known as the Lipstick Queen.

Lipstick Queen: Jean Queen

Oh, and before I forget, this colour is also available as a non-sticky gloss – ideal for layering!


AVAILABLE: (£15) ($18)

BEST SUITED TO: Those with cool undertones.

BEAUTY BITE RATING: 4.5 out of 5

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