Mascara Tips

The mascara wand is to a fashion lover as the magic wand is to a fairy godmother. Nothing beats the appeal of mascara properly applied and in harmony with your other makeup products. This is the most non-invasive of eyelash beautifiers, since it does not require implant extensions just to render your eye extra appeal. But before you consider the effects of well-applied mascara to help accentuate the beauty of your eyes, here are some things to consider:

Mascara Tips

1. Take note of your mascara shelf life. A typical mascara is good for only for as long as 3 years. After that, it might not exactly be in your best interest to continue using it. And given the numerous fashion fads being produced these days, I doubt if the mascara that you used three years ago is still the most trendy thing today. In any case, even if you are fond of using multiple mascaras (especially if you are the adventurous type), make sure that you know how long you can use it at its best.

2. Check the shade of your mascara and how it matches with your eye color before buying it. While it's nice to see Hollywood stars don the latest in mascara trends, you need to check first if the mascara color that you are using will be well-matched to your eye color. Black is a safe option since it suits most eye colors. But if you like to mix and match, make sure that you are familiar with the color wheel elements that can make or break your eyelashes.

3. Consider hypoallergenic issues. If you suspect that your eyelashes are more sensitive than average, you might want to search for the best hypoallergenic mascara. Check the labels of the bottles for friendliness to hypoallergenic people. It is not wise to sacrifice your eyes' health at the altar of producing a dramatic mascara effect.

4. Be careful with the curler. A common partner to mascara application is the eyelash curler, especially if you do not have eyelash extensions. It would be much better to apply the curler before applying the mascara to avoid staining your eyelash curler. But if you are able to clean it immediately, it would also be nice to use the eyelash curler after applying mascara since the eyelashes are much more pliable and soft by then.

5. Avoid clumped up applications. You don't need to apply the mascara too many times. This is the number one cause of mascara clumping in the eyelashes. The aim is to make the eyelashes look as even and as natural as possible. So if you can make it stand with one or two applications using the wand, then that would be enough. If you would be mixing colors, as most makeup artists do for extra appeal, one layer for each mascara would do.

6. Prevent smudges by powdering the bottom of your eyes. The bottom of your eyes are prone to smudging, and that will make you an instant candidate for fashion disaster if you leave it untended. Make sure that you powder the surrounding area of your eyes so that it will repel the mascara liquid.

Like other makeup products, the mascara will only work its wonders if it jives with all the other elements that you put on your face (ex. Foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and even your earrings and coiffure!). So make sure that there is full harmony with whatever you're using with the mascara.


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