Miss Ballantyne’s Organic Red Raspberry Face Cream

Miss Ballantyne’s beautifully produced skincare. Handmade in Edinburgh, you won’t find a single chemical or artificial scent in these natural, often fair trade and organically sourced lotions. My sister gifted me this incredible face cream for my birthday a few months ago and I’m literally obsessed; who knew cheeks could feel so soft?!

Miss Ballantyne’s Organic Red Raspberry Face Cream
There’s just 3 simple things you need to know about this product:

1. It smells amazing.

2. It absorbs amazing.

3. It is amazing.

Plus, it offers your face nature’s very own UVA filter: raspberries! OK, so it’s not officially certified sun protection but as far as natural, handmade products go, I think it’s the bees knees in terms of quality, price and performance. Leaving the complexion looking outrageously smooth, it’s an ideal base for make up application.

Miss Ballantyne’s

If you fancy trying out a pot for yourself, simply request a personalised blend by contacting Miss Ballantynethrough her etsy shop. Offering reasonably priced world wide shipping, she can also conjure up your very own made to measure product, mixing ingredients picked especially to tackle any requests you put her way. A brilliant and wonderfully affordable present idea.

If you’re into skincare, Miss Ballantyne is definitely a band wagon to jump on. She now even makes beautifully packaged organic lip tints and cheek highlighters – something I’m very eager to try out.
You can order a custom blend/ request product by Miss Ballantyne via her etsy shop. Alternatively, you can pick up anything from toners, to soap, to face creams via Curiouser & Curiouser. Prices run between £3.50 and £12.

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