Shea Butter – the African Wonder

Shea butter is an extract from the shea nut seed of the tree called shea or karite tree. This tree matures in twenty years, but its full production doesn't come until it is forty-five years old. The shea tree can produce harvestable nuts for 100% shea butter even if it is already two hundred years old. The natural ingredients in shea butter are the reason for its effectiveness.

Shea butter is currently available in an organic, unrefined form and refined form. Despite both being pure shea butter, the difference lies in the way they are produced. The refined shea butter has no natural fragrance and natural color. On the other hand, the organic, unrefined form of shea butter is in its natural state. Research has concluded that the refined form of shea butter is not as effective as the organic, unrefined one.

Shea Butter - the African Wonder

Major Uses

The primary use of pure shea butter is as a moisturizer and as an emollient. Many products carry shea butter but not pure shea butter due to its expensive cost. Many cosmetics mix other ingredients to the shea butter to cut expenses. Pure shea butter has been found to be very effective in fading scars and stretch marks. This in itself is one reason why so many women buy 100% shea butter. Other benefits of shea butter are keeping the skin elastic and supple.

Raw shea butter in shampoos and conditioners also help brittle hair regain its softness and elasticity. It can revitalize and prevent further breakage of the hair. Pure shea butter is also used for tribal ceremonies in Africa where the trees are common. Other uses for raw and pure shea butter are as cooking oil and conditioner for leather and wood. 100% shea butter is claimed to have anti-inflammatory properties, and has a reputation of helping lessen irritation from psoriasis, rashes and other skin disorders. Shea butter cream works to help preventing stretch mark or make vergetures appear less.

The Cost

The unrefined version of shea butter is more expensive than the refined version. This is because organic products take more time to process and produce compared to those products that are refined and process without any regard for safety. The price for 100% shea butter usually depends on the demand and the supply of the product. The uniqueness of the product means that it will always have a high demand and lesser supply since it takes seasons to grow the nuts and prepare the cream.

Wholesale Shea Butter

If you need large quantities of shea butter for your cosmetics business, you need to find a wholesale shea butter source. Today's consumers are very demanding about how the products they buy not only affect their bodies, but the world. When buying your wholesale shea butter, make sure the suppliers offer only fair trade unrefined shea butter. By insisting on fair trade wholesale shea butter, you not only make your company look good to concerned customers, but you are investing in making the crops of shea nuts you depend on more reliable, since the workers have more of an incentive to keep working.


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