Time For A Time Out!

Hello my lovelies!

Where do I begin this post? Well first of all to thank you all for your support, I love writing Mascara Wars, I love hearing back from you all, and I’m excited to keep doing so long into the future!

It’s still just little old me writing all the content here, and that’s whilst holding down my own career as a makeup artist, but in the last few weeks I’m also having to contend with moving house, changing agencies, overhauling my entire website and designing new courses, and as such I’ve been unable to write as often as I’d like, or to the standard I’d like! And so, I’ve bitten the bullet and decided that Mascara Wars will be going on a little staycation.

I’ll be taking a few weeks out just to contend with all the life admin that’s recently been forced to take a backseat to the blog, and once that’s all done and dusted, Mascara Wars will be back in full force!

Let me say it again, thank you so much for your continued support, it really does mean the world!

Much love and see you all soon!



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