Will Stream Cosmetics Become a Contender in the Airbrush Makeup Industry?

The world of airbrush cosmetics is just starting to really take off (despite the technology being available for a good number of years) and the newest company to try and make their mark in this industry is Stream Cosmetics.

Stream Cosmetics are an airbrush makeup company with a twist - they have also created a 'Stream of Change' whereby their business model and products are available as an at-home business which can turn into a multi-level franchise type of opportunity.

The basic premise of the business opportunity is for interested customers to purchase their fifty dollar starter kit and become and 'Independent Beauty Consultant' (IBC). This will earn them between 20 and 50 percent of retail sales generated by their activity, and a further 20 percent on the merchandise 'auto-shipped' to their customers. Some may like the convenience of auto shipping products monthly, but to most it is the bane of direct-sales makeup because people prefer to order products when and if they need them, rather than have a monthly debit on their credit card and a piling up of unused products. That aside, this particular point works in favor of those joining the Stream Cosmetics business opportunity because it gives them a reliable source of monthly revenue.

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Like most multi-level 'pyramid' style companies, the Stream Cosmetics business has different levels (with associated rewards) which participants can ascend through if they qualify. In the Stream Cosmetics model, qualification of advancement requires the addition of fully active Stream consultants under you, as well as meeting a monthly group sales quota.

For example, for IBCs to graduate to the next level of 'Beauty Adviser' they must have two fully active IBCs underneath them and a total group revenue (or 'upkeep') of six hundred dollars monthly. On the other end of the spectrum, to reach the top level of the Stream Cosmetics business opportunity and become a 'Beauty World Ambassador' an IBC will have progressed through seven other levels, have thirty fully active IBC's underneath them as well as three of the other two upper level members underneath them with a combined monthly generation of $250,000. At this level the benefits are pretty impressive, but the climb would also be very steep.

There is a really big market out there for airbrush technology, so it may not be a bad idea to look into the Stream Cosmetics opportunity, but the picture they paint of a 'virgin market' is completely unrealistic, given that there are other companies out there who have been pioneering the air brush industry for nearly thirty years.

They are right on one point for sure, that now is a great time to get into the airbrush market, if not for business then for personal use, as airbrushing is really the future of makeup. Stream Cosmetics may be the newest company on the airbrush front, but they are by no means the only company, so before jumping into the so called 'Stream of Change' have a look at some other airbrush reviews below.


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